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Play to EARN

You own the game!

Blockchain gives you this unique opportunity, to really be part of the process and own a piece of the game that you love to play.

You are no longer tied to a company that can simply ban your account and you are going to lose all your stuff. What you earn, bought and own is on your blockchain wallet.

The Forgotten Coin (FTC) is a BEP-20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain. As a result, it is secured by BSC's hybrid consensus mechanism which combines Proof-of-Stake with Proof-of-Authority into the Proof of Staked Authority (or PoSA) consensus.


Project Vision


The backbone of the metaverse economic system is the FTC Token, which will be listed on various exchanges and trade for with other cryptocurrencies or paper money. Players will either trade FTC or earn FTC by performing various in-game tasks. Services via player owned businesses will be paid for in FTC and all the future Sales will be held in FTC, as well as having the marketplace operate on FTC trading. You can always convert your in-game FTC for your local currency.

NFT Utility

In-game assets are NFTs, each coming with different and unique bonuses based on rarity. Some NFTs will be required to perform profession actions and by launching limited collections, we'll create Unicity and Demand. You can collect them for the appearance or invest them into earning more FTC by playing.


Investors can purchase "virtual estate" on the continents, in the form of Battle Land, Villages and Cities.​ As Landowners, they get a percentage of anything acquired from their land, or rent spaces to businesses and take a cut from the profits.

Forgotten Characters


The Knight is the perfect war machine. This warrior calls the battlefield his home and the people in his battleline, his family. Due to his upbringing in a band of warriors, the Knight follows a strict code of honor and keeps a close link with his ancestors, drawing power from their spirits and bringing their wrath to the field of battle. Even when there are no wars to fight in, or kings to serve for, the Knight must always hone his skills and his senses, so he travels to all corners of the land in search of adventures and the glory of defeating the most fearsome of foes.


The Assassin is a master of the shadows and disguises. Due to his intense training in a secretive group, honed in hours of playing in the shadows, the Assassin can blend with the shadows and use his intuitions to track his targets, prowling his prey from afar, ready to leap and attack at the most opportune moment for the assassin, catching his target by surprise and usually taking its life before the prey can even sense the sharp pain of a blade piercing its soft parts. The Assassin then takes his trophy and leaves the scene before the attack can be seen.


The Warlock is a master of the blades, the cold steel is brought to life in the hands of a skilled warlock, treating them as extensions of his own body. From a young life, children are brought to a shadow organization and undergo a grueling training regime, meant to break the weak willed and sharpen the most skilled of the soon to be warlocks. During this process, the Warlock is thought on how to channel mystical energies of the arcane and imbued his body, and his weapons with the power of the stars themselves.


Mages are special humans that have developed a strong bond with the elements. Either through years of rigorous study or from a stroke of genetic luck, the Mage has power of the elements and can manipulate the flow of energy in the Universe. This includes the power of illusion, the power of telekinesis or, for some more gifted individuals, power of time itself. A mage can appear no younger than 20 summers, and yet, he could be hundreds of years old, holding countless secrets and spell in his head.

Project Roadmap

With the roadmap, we aim to offer a concise picture of how the project is expected to progress. We want to release the playable Alpha as soon as possible and start de Play2Earn Economy within the main game.​

Q1 2021

Phase 1

  • Gathering the team
  • Game Development Begins
  • Community Planning
  • Implementation with BSC
  • Early prototyping
  • Milestone Scheduling

Q2 2021

Phase 2

  • Website 1.0 release
  • Whitepaper 1.0 release
  • Social media presence
  • Promotional Campaigns & Community Building
  • Token Planning
  • Releasing teasers & leaks

Q3 2021

Phase 3

  • First NFT sale ( 50% discount )
  • Community rewards with NFTs
  • In-game footage and leaks
  • Lite Version planning
  • Support for other wallets
  • Tokenomics & Smart contracts created

Q4 2021

Phase 4

  • Lite version release
  • Security Audit succesfully passed
  • Website 2.0 release
  • Lite version 2.0 release
  • Land system prototype
  • Graphics Improvement - AAA Level
  • ForgottenChain Internal Alpha
  • ForgottenVerse - Metaverse Planning

Q1 2022

Phase 5

  • ForgottenValley - Planning
  • Character Customization
  • Land gameplay internal alpha
  • Metaverse integration - All games in one application
  • NFT re-design & distribution

Q2 2022

Phase 6

  • Community Rework
  • Initial Coin Offering - Forgotten Coin
  • NFT Sale ( 25% discount )
  • Closed Public Alpha - ForgottenChain
  • Land sale ( 50% discount )

Q3 2022

Phase 7

  • Play-to-earn release
  • ForgottenValley - Development
  • NFT Marketplace release
  • Open Public Alpha - ForgottenChain

Team members

Who are we? We are Forgotten Chain! A team of hardcore gamers that have played tons of games out there and have learned to decompile them to their basic mechanics.​

Vlad Rusu


Carina Delea


Iulian Curte


Ionut Popescu


Andrei Vladescu


Robert Duta


Iustin Rotariu


George Costandache

3D Artist

Alin Oltean

UI/UX Artist

Ovidiu Nistor

Game Tester

About the team

We are investment entrepreneurs, we've taken a look at the crypto market and invested here and there based on a thorough research.​ We are solution driven and we let our creativity run wild, maybe that's why our project is so ambitious and promising, we have taken everything we've learned and made a viable business model.​

Most of us have worked in the IT industry, and in different projects, but we want this to be our major breakthrough. We're a young team based in Romania, but we have got lots of experience in a wide variety of fields.

We've also got a young team of devs that work their butts off and write code as a passion, they've worked freelance for a while now, but they're all gamers and have seen the value of our solution and want to work on driving this to completion.​

Everyone is here to prove their value and provide all the best for the community and consider this their passion project.

Chat with us!

Project Annoucements

June 6, 2022
Nextype & Huobi Hackathon Winners!
We are proud to announce that we've been select as the 3rd place winners for the Nextype Hackathon Contest. This is tremendous news, as this opens up a lot of avenues for collaborations with big hitters in the industry that should help fast-track our raise to the top of the Blockchain gaming market.
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May 1, 2022
Live AMA – Forgotten Chain
In order to kickstart the ICO, we’ve hosted an AMA with TheRevenger and Meroman, we’ve talked about the game, about the FTC Token and many more in this Live AMA. Tune in on Discord and the other social medias for the latest updates!
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April 24, 2022
Coinmarketcap listing
We are proud to announce that we’ve passed the rigorous auditing process for being listed on CoinMarketCap. We are eager for the Coin to rise in the rankings and became a strong Token that will be traded and used for the in-game economy.
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April 18, 2022
Forgotten Chain Live Gameplay AMA
We know how excited everyone is for the Launch of the Alpha, you can all play the game for yourselves and experience a taste for what’s to come. We’ve put together a marketing build that we’ve played live and answered many questions. Join us on Youtube!
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April 15, 2022
Crypto Alexandrus
The video posted by Alexandrus has just broken the 125k views barrier! Excited for the things to come.
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April 14, 2022
Skill Showcase
To give you a good idea of what to expect, we’ve done a series of showcase videos for the 4 character that we have so far, so you can see how the characters fight and choose the one that best suits your style.
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April 12, 2022
Youtuber Crypto Pablo
Youtuber Crypto Pablo covered the Forgotten Chain project in one of his latest videos. Check it out!
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April 11, 2022
Influencer Professor Cyrpto
Professor Crypto has done an overview of the Forgotten Chain Project! Tune in for the latest updates!
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April 4, 2022
Mounts Showcase
Since we’ve shown Pets, we want to show the beasts that you can use to traverse the huge open world world of the Forgotten Chain world. We’ve got flying beasts such a lizards, dragons, eagles and more. But we’ve also got the good trusty horse that will boost both your moving speed and give you some more nifty bonuses.
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April 3, 2022
Pets Showcase
As we’ve always promised, our NFTs have utility and can be used in game. We are presenting how the pets will look when they will come alongside you in your journey, boosting your earning rate through the roof in the process.
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